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I am the founder of the Scarfe Racing Team. I am also involved in the Westfield Sports Car Racing Drivers Association website, here is a link.

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Home town :

Kirkham, Lancashire.

Age / Date of Birth :

39, 02/02/67

Occupation :

Software engineer

Previous experience and achievements:

3 times BARC Westfield Sports Car Champion - 2004, 2002 and 2001.

3rd place in 2003.

Class B winner, 2nd overall in 2000.

Originally started racing in the BARC Westfield Soprts Car Championship in 1997.

The team:

Race engineer/mechanic: Gary Bateman.

Pit crew: Norman Scarfe, Melissa Larkin & Steve Ward.

Car details:

Basic kit brought from Westfield in 1990 and built as a road going car. Slowly modified to race spec and driver learned driving skills by attending many track days. First competitive event was a sprint held by the Lotus Drivers club.

First race at Silverstone in 1997 in the BARC Westfield championship.

Car is a standard (or narrow) SEi chassis from 1990. This has the independant rear suspension with the English Ford diferential unit in the special westfield alluminum housing. Engine is by Dunnell. Ford 5 speed gearbox with quaife s/c kit. Suspension rose jointed. Weight as raced approx 505kg.


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